Build simply and energy-efficiently!

Floor and wall heating underlay panels, made of eco wood-fiberboard.

Choosing our system gives you a very thin heated flooring, perfectly thermally and acoustically isolated, that will help you to save energy.

eco underfloor heating insulation system boards underlay panels

product information

Eco Thermo Floor®

Panels of our production are being used in surface heating systems (floors and walls). It also becomes more and more popular to use them in the summertime as a cooling system.

Our panels may be used exactly the same way that styrofoam panels have been used so far. What differs them from the styrofoam though is they provide thermal isolation and accumulate the heat.

Our product is applied to the “dry floor heating method” mostly, when no wet floor screed is in use. That concerns frame construction buildings or renovation processes, when it’s essential to keep the flooring as thin as possible. Our panels may also be used in the new architecture, as an element of concrete ceiling.

Strengths and benefits

Eco Thermo Floor Panels:
are designed for those who want to live in a healthy and ecological way
may be used on every surface, they are ultra light and super thin
help to shorten the construction or renovation time due to speed of assembly
provide bigger and neater room volume when used instead of traditional radiators
spread the heat evenly in the building
allow to keep the air dust and allergens free – very important for allergic and asthmatic people
make the whole heating system economic, effective and money saving
can be used along with modern heat pumps

When using the proper configuration of materials, the floor may be finished with every available material that can be used with floor heating systems.

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